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Intelligent Call Monitoring & Response

Use the latest techniques of Artificial Intelligence to identify poor customer experiences before they have devastating impact on the online review sites.

With deep content analysis, we use context, semantics and syntax to capture UNHAPPY clients before they are lost forever.

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Mobile Work Auths

Don’t get burned by customer disputes! Get the work approved ‘in writing’ before starting. Send a mobile auth request to your customer’s phone.

Car was towed in? Customer needs additional service? Get a mobile authorization in just seconds. Customers sign with their finger on their mobile device and a PDF of the document is emailed to the service department.

Start the work with a documented approval!

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Mobile CC Payments

Send an invoice via text from your desktop in just seconds.

Customers can pay before arriving and the cashier is automatically alerted for a streamlined check-out experience.

Mobile payments will cut down on traffic at the cashier window.

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Automotive Texting

Increase revenues by sharing photos of badly worn parts to “on the fence” customers.

Cut down on wasteful phone tag and miscommunications with simple, efficient text messaging.

Monitor communications store-wide and identify employee messaging techniques that need improvement.

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Artificial Intelligence

Dealer AI monitors calls to find negative customer experiences and move them into the texting pipeline for escalated response.

Were their questions answered? Did they get a needed appointment? Are they satisfied? Are they happy!?

Calls are scored and handled according to our unique customizable pipeline. When we detect a call that was unsuccessful, a text message is sent to the caller immediately to see if they would like to make use of our texting platform.

Using a neural network of algorithms for metric analysis, with variables such as call length, call content, caller sentiment and tone, we can make value judgements, allowing us to score the call for elevation, contact the caller, and alert a customer advocate for better customer support.

Mobile Work Auths

The customer approved the work on the phone verbally, but now they don’t want to pay? In most states, without a signature, they don’t have to

Protect yourself from approval fraud and charge-backs with instant mobile authorizations. Capture a signature from your customer within seconds.

Car was towed in? Customer needs additional service? Get a mobile authorization in just seconds. Allow the customer to sign with their finger on their mobile device.

Send the authorization request via text for an immediate response. Start the work with a signed approval!

When the customer approves, a PDF with their signature is sent to your inbox so you have the documentation you need, when you need it.

Mobile Payments

It’s simple, when customers pay in advance, they’re less likely to wait in line at the check-out desk to dispute charges, tying up valuable time for the service advisers.

Give your customers the ability to pay with their phone before arriving at the dealership.

Accept mobile payments with ease and reduce traffic at your cashier window. With Dealer AI, you can send a service invoice from your desktop in just seconds.

Your customers can pay on the go using Apple Pay from their iPhone, or Google Payments from Android and show the receipt to the cashier for a streamlined experience that reduces traffic at the counter.

Automotive Text Messaging

Text messaging is here to stay. For your older customers, it’s catching on more every day, and for the younger generation, it’s THE primary method of communication.

Cut down on phone call back-n-forth while improving accuracy of your communications with customers.

Increase sales dramatically by sending photos to customers of parts in need of repair or replacement.

Text messaging is fast and efficient, and is an important tool for your dealership.

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