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There's a hole in the bucket.

You may spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on new customer acquisitions, but are you playing a zero-sum game? Use Backstop™ to capture and correct poor customer experiences, keep the customer engaged and increase your revenues. Guaranteed.

Backstop™ analyzes calls to determine if your customer had a positive or negative experience and alerts a customer advocate immediately. Were their questions answered? Did they get a needed appointment? Are they satisfied? Calls are scored and handled according to our unique customizable pipeline. When we detect a call that was unsuccessful, a SMS text message is sent to the caller immediately to see if they would like a callback from a priority customer advocate. Using a neural network of algorithms for metric analysis, with variables such as call length, call content, caller sentiment and tone, we can make value judgements, allowing us to score the call for elevation, contact the caller, and alert a customer advocate for better customer support.

Who are we?

For a combined 25 years, we have been running successful marketing campaigns for factory automotive dealerships. Over that time, we have sent tens of thousands of calls to dealers. We found that almost 40% were mishandled. Time for a solution.

We See Patterns

With so many years of call recordings and transcripts, we are able to identify key patterns and behaviors, which allows us to classify and respond to negative call experiences. We Improve customer satisfaction.

Leading Edge Technology

We leverage systems such as IBM Watson, Google Natural Language Processing tools, as well as sophisticated packages pioneered by Stanford University & UC Berkeley.

With this unique combination of deep analysis of content, context, semantics and syntax, along with deep inspection and learning, mechanical learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, sentiment and tone analysis we are able to capture those clients that may have been lost forever.

Increase revenue.

Mobility First

Sales personnel, always on the move, are pulled in many directions with countless distractions. While CRM systems are still primarily desktop focused, our system is built for simplicity and ease of use.

Everything can be managed from a phone’s default messenger. No software needed. Sales agents can extend the functionality of this product by using our app, making use of its geofencing capabilities. Allowing the app to automatically log in the sales agent when they arrive at the dealership, ensuring each missed customer is captured.

It is instantaneous.

Stop the leak. Start using Backstop™ today. Call (770) 561-6956 now.

Stop losing those customers you spent so much on to acquire. Increase customer satisfaction and positive customer experiences.